Woof Walks & Wonderful Waterfalls: Making Memories with Kids & Pets in NZ This Autumn!

Woof Walks & Wonderful Waterfalls: Making Memories with Kids & Pets in NZ This Autumn!

New Zealand's autumn is a season of vibrant colours, crisp air, and exciting adventures. And what makes an adventure even better? Sharing it with your family, fur-friends included! Here are some pawsome ideas to make this autumn unforgettable for Kiwi kids, parents, and their furry companions:

Pet-tastic Nature Escapades:

Kiwi Critter Cruises (on Leash): Many scenic waterways in New Zealand are perfect for a family kayaking trip. While Fido might have to stay on land for safety, there are plenty of dog-friendly walking trails alongside these waterways. Kids can enjoy the thrill of kayaking, while parents and pups explore the beautiful autumn scenery together.
Sniffaris in the Bush: New Zealand boasts stunning native forests, perfect for a family hike (with a well-behaved, leashed dog of course!). Choose a shorter, well-maintained track suitable for little legs and paws. Keep an eye out for native birds and listen to the symphony of autumn leaves crunching underfoot. Remember to leave no trace and respect wildlife.
Beach Bonanza with Caution: Autumn beaches are often less crowded, perfect for a family outing with your pet. But remember, safety first! Always check leash laws, be mindful of strong currents, and avoid hot sand during peak sun hours. Pack plenty of water for everyone, and consider bringing a frisbee for some fun beach games with the whole family.

Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy:

Autumn Awaits: Tick & Flea Patrol: Just like in Australia, autumn brings an increased risk of ticks and fleas in New Zealand. Ensure your pet is up-to-date on preventative treatments and regularly check their fur for any unwanted hitchhikers.
Autumn Shedding Season: Many animals experience heavier shedding during autumn. Brushing your pet regularly helps minimize fur tumbleweeds in your house and keeps their coat healthy.
Cosy Nights by the Fireplace: As evenings get cooler, provide a comfy bed for your pet indoors or a sheltered area outdoors. Consider adding a warm blanket for extra snuggles on those chilly autumn nights.

Fun for the Whole Whanau (Family):

Leaf Art Extravaganza: Turn fallen leaves into works of art! Collect colourful leaves on your nature walks and use them for leaf crowns, nature mobiles, or even pressed leaf bookmarks. Kids and pets can all get involved in this creative autumn activity.
Bake Some Yummy Treats: Whip up a batch of delicious (and pet-safe!) autumn treats for the whole family. There are plenty of online recipes for dog biscuits and even pumpkin muffins that everyone can enjoy.
Family Photo Fun with a Kiwi Twist: Capture some adorable autumn memories with your pet! Dress up in warm autumn colours, head to a picturesque spot like a waterfall or a native forest, and snap some pawsome photos that will make you smile all year round.

Remember: Always clean up after your pet and be mindful of other park users and wildlife while enjoying the outdoors.

By following these tips, you can create an autumn adventure that's fun for the whole family, including your furry best friend. So grab your walking boots, leashes, and a sense of adventure, and get ready to make some unforgettable memories with your Kiwi crew this autumn!