Tips on filling Christmas Stockings for kids

Tips on filling Christmas Stockings for kids

Kids Christmas stockings or Santa sacks are a simple Christmas tradition that dates back centuries and is still very popular today, but where do you start when it comes to filling them?

Make a budget

Kids Christmas stockings are usually filled with small, inexpensive items, but it’s always a good idea to start by working out how much you can afford to spend on them and on the stocking itself.

Think about themes

Think about whether your stocking fillers will be themed or will have a wide selection of items in them.  If your kids are into dinosaurs or fairies you could theme the stocking fillers around this using small toys, lollies and accessories.

Stocking Size

Try to have a mix of one or two large items, two or three medium items and as many small items as you see fit.

To wrap or not to wrap

Wrapping presents to go into stockings is a matter of personal preference. Some families enjoy wrapping the presents whilst others only wrap some of the presents and leave a few without wrapping paper, and others don't wrap any at all!

Filling the stocking

To fill the Christmas stocking or Santa sack up, spread all the items out on a table or the floor so you can see everything easily. Then decide what you’re going to put in first to fill out the stocking toe. Something small and roundish such as an orange, socks, stuffed animals and small clothes work well. Add another item of the same shape to fill in the heel area, then add a sprinkling of small chocolates or other small toys. Put larger or rectangular items, such as books or craft supplies in next, coming up the leg of the stocking. Add any remaining smaller items around the larger ones. For more effect try to leave something sticking out of the top, such as a stuffed animal with its arms hanging over the edge or a candy cane.

Stocking filler ideas

Why not have a mix of traditional and more modern items in the stocking such as:

Something edible

Cookies in Christmas shapes (Santa, gingerbread reindeers or Christmas trees) ,Christmas mince pies, Candy canes or other lollies, Nuts, Oranges

Some small toys

Toys in their favourite characters, Cuddly toys, Toy cars, Play Doh, Lego, Bouncy balls, Bubbles Slinkies, Mini jigsaw puzzles

Something to wear

Costume jewellery, Dolls clothes