Spend a weekend in Rotorua with the Kids

Spend a weekend in Rotorua with the Kids

Rotorua (or Rotovegas) is located about a three hour drive from Auckland and attracts people from all over the world due to the sulphuric geothermal activity from the Geysers. But, there is so much more to see and do in Rotorua- it is a family paradise with so many activities and attractions to see, I don’t know if one weekend will be enough … you might want to stay a week, or come back for two or three weekends!! This guide is the best way to spend your two-day weekend in Rotorua (but there is so much more to choose from).

Friday afternoon, schools finished and off you go and arrive into Rotorua in the evening. You need to make sure you make the most of the weekend, so arriving on Friday night is the best option.

There is so many accommodation options in Rotorua depending on the budget. If you are looking for a holiday park then Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park or Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park are the best choices. They both have free hot mineral pools on site, so after the long drive, take a relaxing dip in one of their pools.

If you are after a hotel, then the Holiday Inn Rotorua or Jet Park Hotel are very family friendly.

Rotorua has three main activity groups to choose from that bring fun to everyone in different ways – Cultural, Thermal and Action. On the weekend you will need to experience all of them (not just one- maybe a few from each category).

Start the weekend off with an action packed morning on the skyline luge. Head up on the gondola and enjoy the breath taking views over Lake Rotorua. Luging is the perfect family activity where riders control speed and direction. Smaller kids can ride with adults. Start on the slow course and work your way to the experienced one and challenge each other.

Why not then head to OGO (it was invented in Rotorua) and get the kids into one of the inflatable balls that then roll down the hill. The kids will love it, maybe even you will get in and do it too!

Slow the pace a little at the Redwoods Forest and walk the treewalk. It is a must-do experience and can be done during the day or night. Take in an elevated view from the 28 suspension bridges making up this 700-metre long walkway. At night the trees are illuminated by laterns.

After the excitement of all the activities during the day and before you do something cultural during the night, why not head to the Polynesian Spa for a soak. The family spa is a great way to enjoy Rotorua’s warm waters. There is a fun family pool with a slide and two mineral pools that overlook the main pool. Sit in the riverside hot pools and listen to the bubbling river.

Te Puia is where to head for the evening. Have the kids learn about the Maori culture by attending Te Po (an evening experience). Have a feast on Maori food and watch the traditional dances and haka of the maoris. It is something everyone visiting Rotorua has to experience.

Sunday morning wake up and make the most of the day. Head straight to Rainbow Springs. It is a family friendly, fun atmosphere that includes a kiwi nocturnal enclosure, trout feeding pools and a live bird show. Let the kids see endangered native species like the kiwi.

From there head to Velocity Valley, where there is fun for all ages. It has five unique NZ adventures all in one location. The Shweeb, Swoop, Bungy Jump, Freefall Xtreme and the Freestyle Airbag.

There is truly something for everyone.

There is so much to do in Rotorua, the options are endless. This is just one weekend itinerary, but there could be six weekends worth! So, get packed and get going to Rotorua for the weekend.

A must do for all families.