Rainbow Rice

This is a fun craft activity the whole family can be involved and is so much fun.!
What you need :
• Any variety of white rice
• Ziplock bags or washable containers
• Food colouring in a number of colours. You can also use natural substances to colour the rice like turmeric for yellow, Berry powder for purple, charcoal to make blackand smoky paprika for orange. Mix a tablespoon of powder with enough white vinegar to make a paste.

Method :
Put a small amount of rice into your container or ziplock bag. Use one for each colour.
Add a few drops of food colouring (more colouring leads to darker colour). You can also try mixing colours to create orange, purple, aqua etc.
The mixing can be done in a variety of different ways! By gently rolling the rice around in the bag, just using your hands, the food colouring will soak into all the rice. You can also throw and catch the bag to mix it up. Make sure your ziplock bags are strong enough for this.
Repeat Steps One-Three for every colour you desire to create.
Your rice is ready to be played with. Read on and decide what you want to do with your rice.

Make some presents – add layers of different colours into pretty jars and give them as gifts or party favours.
Make a sensory tub – add all the colours together in a large container and let the kids run their hands through the rice.
Fill a clear plastic bottle with Rainbow Rice, seal the top securely and you’ve made a shaker toy to add to your Musical Instrument collection.
For little ones who love fine motor games, or a quieter activity, offer a more mindful challenge. Finding 10 grains of blue rice, separating the colours or picking out your favourite colour are my ideas.
Use the Rainbow Rice for art projects. Squirt some glue and sprinkle the Rainbow Rice on top. You and your child can decide who does which bit and what kind of art works you create.