Parents’ Tips and Reminders for our kids this winter

Parents’ Tips and Reminders for our kids this winter

As a parent in New Zealand during August, here are some helpful pieces of advice to ensure your child's well-being and make the most of the activities available during this time:

Stay Warm and Dry: August is winter in New Zealand, and temperatures can be chilly, especially in the southern regions. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately with warm clothing, including hats, gloves, scarves, and waterproof jackets. Keep them dry to avoid catching colds.

Embrace Outdoor Activities: Encourage your child to embrace the winter weather and enjoy outdoor activities. Take them on nature walks, visit local parks, or even explore nearby snowfields if you are in the South Island.

Winter Sports: If you are in a region with snow, consider introducing your child to winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. These activities can be thrilling and memorable for kids during the winter months.

Indoor Exploration: On rainy or cold days, explore indoor attractions like museums, art galleries, or indoor play centers. This way, your child can continue to learn and have fun, regardless of the weather.

Celebrate Matariki: Matariki, the Māori New Year, is celebrated in June or July, but some events and activities might still be happening in August. Engage with Māori culture and learn about the significance of this special time.

Read and Learn: Encourage reading and learning during the winter months. Spend time reading together as a family and visit local libraries to discover new books and resources.

Participate in Winter Festivals: Check if there are any winter festivals or events happening in your local area. These can be a great opportunity for your child to experience winter-themed activities and entertainment.

Practice Water Safety: If you are near the coast or planning to swim in rivers or lakes during winter, be cautious about water safety. Ensure your child wears appropriate swimwear and always supervise them near water.

Plan Family Activities: Use this time to bond as a family. Play board games, cook together, or engage in creative projects. These activities can create lasting memories and strengthen family connections.

Encourage Physical Activity: Encourage your child to engage in regular physical activity, even during winter. This can include indoor exercises, dancing, or participating in sports at school or in local clubs.

Support Your Child's Education: Stay involved in your child's education by communicating with teachers and supporting their learning at home. Help with homework and provide a conducive environment for studying.

Remember to consider your child's interests and preferences when planning activities. Most importantly, embrace the winter season and create a warm and loving atmosphere at home to make this August enjoyable and fulfilling for your child.