Paper Cup Snowmen

STEP 1 Push a toothpick into a decofoam ball. Turn a paper cup upside down and push the other end of the toothpick into the bottom of the cup. Glue the decofoam ball to the bottom of the cup to hold in place.
STEP 2 Cut a short length of felt and wrap around the neck of the snowman to make a scarf.
STEP 3 Glue three buttons down the middle of the cup.
STEP 4 Use two small pom poms and a chenille stem to create ear muffs. Cut a short piece of chenille stem (roughly 4-5cm) and bend in the middle. Glue to the top of the decofoam ball. Attach two small pom poms either side of the chenille stem with glue.
STEP 5 Glue two small wiggle eyes to the face of the snowman and draw a face on with markers