Make your own fingerprint Christmas cards

Make your own fingerprint Christmas cards

Fingerprint Christmas cards are fun and simple to do at home, plus friends and family will love the personal touch of your little one’s fingerprints.

What you'll need for each Christmas lights card

• A piece of A4 white cardboard (160 gsm works well)
• Black permanent marker
• Washable water colour paints in red, green, blue & yellow
• Alphabet stickers (optional)

How to make your Christmas card

1. Fold the white cardboard in half to create a card.
2. Using the black permanent marker draw a swirly, squiggly line across the front of the card for the wire of the Christmas lights.
3. Then draw small black squares along the line for the light bulb fittings.
4. Get your kids to dip their finger into the first paint colour, then push it onto the card where the black squares are to create the hanging light bulbs.
5. Repeat with each of the paint colours along the line.
6. Leave the card to dry.
7. You could then add a Christmas message to the front of the card with the black marker pen or using alphabet stickers.
8. Add your personal message inside too and get the kids to sign their name if they’re old enough.