How to help your child with home work

How to help your child with home work

Our children's success in school is on top of every parent's list. As a parent, you have to be able to distinguish when and how to support your child. Too much of both will not help your child. There are may ways in which you can offer help or assistance to your child, first is setting positive expectations, find out first your priorities, is it finishing homework on time? Being more active in class? Getting higher grades if not perfect As? Once you know what the top priority or priorities are, you will be able to set your expectations and plan your approach. The more realistic your goals are, the more achievable they are. Every child has his or her own ability to learn, focusing in one goal might stress your child. It's very important that both you and your child have set the same goals, as this is not always the case. Motivate your child and honor what their goal is. You are there to guide, and not control.

Second, establish a homework routine, the how's the where's the when's are very important. Have they stay focused while doing their homework in a distraction free area. The quality and quantity of homework vary from each child, make sure your child has complete supplies and resources to be able to finish the homework on time. Timetrack. Do they keep a diary? If not, you can always make one, and make it a habit for your child to write down everything that needs to be done, so nothing is left behind.

Third, communicate with their teacher, you'll be able to gage if the homework given is either too little or too much for your child, you can always voice this out. Be open to communicating concerns about learning difference or other issues that might be affecting your child's progress in school. You kids will not be so forthcoming with teachers, so it will definitely help if parents step in and discusses issues, may it be school related or personal.

Fourth, learn the difference between helping vs hindering. Depending on the age of your child, there will come a time when parents need to offer less direct assistance with homework. Of course, at their youngers years, they will need as much help as they need until they build their routine. Start at a young age, learn to encourage them to read independently, and eventually would need less supervision. Remember that you are there to help, not to do it for them. No need to be overbearing and controlling. Ask them if they need assistance if you see them struggling. Always helps if they know you are there to assist if needed. Learn to step back when needed.

These are just a few of the things that you can do, as the learning curve of each child is different, so will be the methods and the procedures that each parent needs to do or use. It is up to you to find what works best for your child. And trust that in time, you'll be able to let go as they have already instilled in themselves, the right and fastest way of learning.