Helping Children Become Responsible Pet Owners

Helping Children Become Responsible Pet Owners

So you have gone and made one lucky furbaby a part of your family. This is a huge responsibility.


Your children love the idea of having a furbaby brother or sister, someone to play with, but the reality of owning one and the responsibilities that go with it are sometimes set aside by kids particularly in the early months of getting one.


It is very important that from the beginning, your children are already aware and understand so they are ready, as before actually getting one, your family would have discussed this already. But know that, in the early stages, you would have to always instill in your children the responsibilities that they have when it comes to the new furbaby.


The key is to teach your kids easy and simple ways they can improve your family pet’s health, like taking the dog for a walk or feeding them with high-quality pet food. You should always lead by example, as your kids will follow. Showing them how to care for the pet, and how to be gentle around your furbaby. They will soon follow suit.


Allocate the tasks so your children don’t get overwhelmed. Make it age appropriate, from feeding to cleaning the pet’s bowl, from brushing the coat to grooming and giving a bath. Make a chart, a schedule to follow so your children can be guided accordingly.


Include your children in your pet’s training, from sit, to stay down, come to you, walk on the lease, as this teaches not only discipline to your dog but also to you child.


Keep you kids motivated, sing them praises when they look after the pet the right way and these habits will stay on forever.


Showing them that caring is loving your family pet.