Get Out There! Top Outdoor Activities for Kiwi Kids This Autumn

Get Out There! Top Outdoor Activities for Kiwi Kids This Autumn

Autumn in New Zealand is like nowhere else on Earth! Forget the usual red and orange leaves – our native forests turn into an emerald wonderland, bursting with life. Here are some awesome ideas to get your family exploring the great outdoors this season:

1. Explore Autumn's Emerald Embrace:
New Zealand's native forests put on a show in autumn! Instead of fiery reds, imagine a world bathed in vibrant greens. Lush ferns unfurl, colorful mushrooms pop up like little surprises, and native birds flit through the canopy feasting on berries. Many Department of Conservation (DOC) areas offer short, easy walks perfect for little legs. Check out the DOC website to find a kid-friendly track near you!

2. Leaf Peeping with a Kiwi Twist:
While we might not have the classic autumn colours, New Zealand's native beech trees put on their own stunning display. Look for beech forests with leaves turning golden yellow or rusty red. These fallen leaves are perfect for crafting! Make leaf crowns, mobiles, or even use them to create a colourful nature collage.

3. Backyard Bonanza:
Bring the magic of autumn to your own backyard! Plant some native flowers that bloom in autumn, like purple kowhai or white clematis. Feeling creative? Build a scarecrow family to guard your garden (bonus points for wacky costumes!). Attract beautiful native birds by setting up a bird feeder filled with seeds and suet. Watching the fantails, tui, and waxeyes flit around will be a delight for the whole family.

4. Autumn Scavenger Hunt:

Ready for an adventure? Create a nature scavenger hunt for the kids! This is a great way to explore your backyard or local park while learning about autumn changes. Here are some ideas for your list:

  • A red or yellow leaf

  • A different kind of seed (beechnuts, acorns, etc.)

  • A colorful mushroom (remember, don't touch!)

  • A pinecone

  • A sign of fall weather (a cool breeze, fluffy clouds)

5. Stargazing Adventures:
Autumn nights are crystal clear in New Zealand, making them perfect for stargazing! Download a stargazing app to help you identify constellations unique to the Southern Hemisphere, like Puanga (the Pleiades) or Matariki (the Seven Sisters). Snuggle up with hot cocoa and blankets, tell stories about the stars, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

So lace up your boots, grab your family, and head outdoors this autumn! There's a whole world of discovery waiting for you in New Zealand's unique and beautiful natural environment.