Cardboard Dinosaur

Cardboard Dinosaur

Kids love dinosaurs .. why not make a fun craft with some cardboard, paint and bubblewrap

You will need
Bubble Wrap
Dinosaure Template
Googly eyes

What to do
1. Print out and trace your Dinosaur template dinosaure-template onto cardboard and then cut out your pieces.

2. Once the outline is cut out, then cut a slit in the body and  the legs where it says cut here on the template.

3. Paint all your pieces on both sides

4. Paint a piece of bubble wrap. Make sure you paint it wider that your dinosaur parts

5. Press all your pieces down hard onto the bubble wrap. Repeat on the other side when it is. dry.

6. When all your cardboard dinosaur pieces are dry, you can either use a split pin to add the arms, or if you don’t have any you could just glue them onto the body.

7. Push the legs into the slits of the body.

8. Glue on your googly eyes.