Best Playgrounds to take
the kids to in Auckland

Best Playgrounds to take
the kids to in Auckland

All kids love a good playground and Auckland has a huge amount of swings, slides and play equipment. Take your pick of the top 10 playgrounds and get exploring.

  1. Tui Glen Park, Henderson – A fun tree top themed playground which reflects the natural landscape of the reserve and its large trees. There are big towers and eagle nests, rope bridges, four slides, dual flying foxes, swings and more for the kids to have fun on.

  2. Takapuna Beach Playground, Takapuna – This great playground has a 9 metre high tower with slides that join to a high climbing rope structure. The kids will enjoy the merry-go-round swings, in-ground trampolines, balancing seesaw, basket swing and giant mouse house hamster wheel and water play area. Once the kids have finished playing on the playground why not take a dip in the water at the beach (if its summer).

  3. Madills Farm Playground, Kohimarama – The playground has slides, swings, a giant climbing net, in-ground trampolines, basket swing, sea saw, small bike track and a bike track around the park.

  4. Otahuhu Recreation Precinct, Otahuhu – Give the kids the feeling of exploring one of Auckland’ volcanoes with large grass mounds and craters, slides at the bottom, trampolines and plenty more play equipment.

  5. Snakes and Ladders Park, Farm Cove – This playground is like a giant board game, but with a difference. It is set up as a giant game of snakes and ladders, where the kids are the moving counters. There is a range of ladders to go up and then slides to go down (as the snakes). It also has swings and is right across from the beach.

  6. Waterview Playground, Waterview – There is loads of things to keep the kids entertained, including water play activities, slides, swings, climbing frames, sand and mini diggers. It also has picnic tables and shade areas.

  7. Rocket Park, Mount Albert – The park has, you guessed it, a rocket! It is four levels that the kids can climb up. There is also a junior castle, climbing unit and swings to keep the kids entertained for hours.

  8. Western Park, Freemans Bay – It is a perfect playground for kids of all ages. It includes a 25m slide (the longest in Auckland), two treehouses, other slides, swings, a seesaw, balancing feature and small trampolines.

  9. Daldy Street Park, Wynyard Quarter – This playspace has two super cool slides that are set from a 7 metre high silo. It also has water play devices to keep it interesting for the kids.

  10. Roberta Reserve Playground, Glendowie – A large reserve playground that is entirely fenced. The playground has a crow’s nest for climbing, a wooden climbing tower, numerous slides and swings, a basket swing and spinning wheel.

With so many playgrounds waiting out there for you to explore, the question is … which one are you going to go to first!?