ZEALANDIA boasts a unique vision – to restore the Wellington peninsula’s ecosystem to a state as close as possible to its pre-human condition. Introduced predators like rats, stoats, and possums were eradicated from the 225-hectare site, creating a safe haven for native species. This predator-free environment allows threatened species to thrive, offering a glimpse into the rich biodiversity that once flourished throughout New Zealand.

Encountering Endemic Wonders

A visit to ZEALANDIA is a chance to encounter a variety of fascinating creatures. Keep an eye out for the majestic kiwi, New Zealand’s national bird, as they forage for food in the undergrowth. The playful antics of the kakapo, the world’s heaviest parrot, are sure to delight visitors of all ages. Listen for the melodic calls of the tui and the kokako, two iconic native bird species that have made a successful comeback within ZEALANDIA’s borders. ZEALANDIA is also home to tuatara, a reptile that has remained unchanged for millions of years, offering a glimpse into New Zealand’s prehistoric past.

They offer a network of well-maintained walking tracks suitable for all fitness levels. The ZEALANDIA Track, the main loop track, winds its way through the sanctuary, providing scenic viewpoints and opportunities to spot various wildlife species. For those seeking a more challenging hike, the Karori Track offers steeper inclines and rewarding panoramic views of the city and harbour. Shorter tracks cater to families with young children or those with limited mobility.

Beyond Wildlife: ZEALANDIA Horticulture

ZEALANDIA’s commitment to restoration extends beyond fauna. The sanctuary boasts a dedicated team of horticulturists who are actively restoring the native flora of the region. Walkways are lined with beautiful native plants, providing a habitat for native insects and contributing to the overall ecological balance of the sanctuary. ZEALANDIA also features ZEALANDIA Te māra kai, a productive garden that showcases traditional Maori food growing techniques and offers educational workshops on sustainable gardening practices.

Sanctuary for Education and Conservation

ZEALANDIA Wellington serves not only as a wildlife sanctuary but also as a centre for education and conservation. The ZEALANDIA Visitor Centre features interactive exhibits that educate visitors about New Zealand’s unique ecology and the challenges faced by native species. Rangers offer guided tours, providing insightful commentary and ensuring you don’t miss any hidden wildlife treasures. ZEALANDIA is actively involved in conservation research and breeding programs, playing a crucial role in the restoration of New Zealand’s native wildlife.

Other Details about Zealandia

Zealandia is open daily, allowing visitors to explore the sanctuary at their own pace.  Zealandia opening hours vary depending on the season, so it’s best to check the official website for the most up-to-date information Zealandia website: https://www.visitzealandia.com/

Rātā café  and Shop

With stunning views over the sanctuary, enjoy a break at Rātā café – an idyllic spot to relax for breakfast, lunch or anything in between. Indulge in modern New Zealand cuisine and support conservation with every bite. 

The cafe is open everyday, 9AM – 4:00PM. They are closed on Christmas Day.

Their Shop is located in the Visitors Centre and it is open daily from 9AM – 5:00PM, except on Christmas Day.


Zealandia Waiapu Road, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

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