Waitomo Adventures

Waitomo Adventures

The most amazing New Zealand caving adventures are right here in our very own Waitomo Caves area. Waitomo Adventure Centre is located just 3 hours south of Auckland, 1 hour south of Hamilton and 2 hours west of Rotorua makes it an easily accessible holiday activity. Our unique and mind-blowing caving adventures offer something for all ages.

A Surreal Underground Adventure at the TROLL CAVE!!
According to the Department of Troll Conservation, Cave Trolls are very rare and on the highly endangered list…but, you also could become endangered when you go on Troll Patrol !

After we accidentally destroyed our Troll’s lair, we decided to build the world’s first underground eco-sanctuary for the preservation of Cave Trolls… But that doesn’t mean that the “Tom” wants to be looked after…in fact he can be a bit “antisocial”.

What happens in The Troll Cave?

This fun activity relies on participants using their stealth; cunning and survival instincts to navigate Tom’s underground lair and complete their mission.

At the start there’s a full briefing in the “Ready Room” and then you’re on your own as you take a massive elevator ride down into the bowels of the earth.

If you can’t avoid Tom’s little pranks; solve his riddles and get through the cave you could end up staying down there a long time…or even worse…you could end up being Tom’s dinner.

Different things happen depending on the decisions people make.

It’s always a challenge to take on the beast in his own lair… there’s no magical wizard to help you out here…you have to figure things out for yourself …or not!

Lost World Half Day Adventure

Abseil 100m into the surreal Lost World. Descend slowly, suspended in the massive void. Mist-filtered light gives unreal qualities to the strange plants and formations.
Then embark on an underworld trek and climb back through the majestic dry passages of the Mangapu cave system.

Lost World Epic All Day Adventure

One of the best things you can do in this country – Lonely Planet traveler’s guide.
NZ’s ultimate cave adventure. Nothing bigger, nothing close.

Experience A Waitomo Adventure Like No Other

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