Waihi Gold Mine Tours

Waihi Gold Mine Tours

Since 1878, Waihi has been on a treasure hunt. Shop in and see the richest gold mine in New Zealand. Waihi is the home of the richest gold mine in New Zealand – still in operation today.  The Waihi Gold Discovery Centre tells the tales of yesteryear, and allows hands on experience with modern mining techniques. You can also take a trip deep into the bowels of the mine pit or walk the pit rim with the Waihi Gold Mine Tours (see below).  Their experienced guides can take you inside the security fence to experience modern – day gold mining up close.
Explore Waihi’s charming town centre and you’ll find many windows into the pioneering past in  today’s pleasant setting. You an also discover the intriguing stories and find out about the great range of activities here by visiting the new Waihi i-SITE. 


126 Seddon Avenue, Waihi 3610, New Zealand

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