Waihi Gold Mine Tours

Waihi Gold Mine Tours

Intrigued by the possibility of striking gold yourself? Look no further than Waihi Gold Mine Tours, a captivating experience that delves into the fascinating world of Waihi’s gold mining past and present.

A Town Steeped in Gold Rush History

Waihi’s story is intrinsically linked to the discovery of gold in the late 19th century. A sleepy agricultural town was transformed into a bustling goldfield, attracting prospectors from all corners of the globe. Waihi Gold Mine Tours take you on a journey through this captivating past.

The Award-Winning Waihi Gold Experience

Your exploration begins at the Waihi Gold Discovery Centre, where the interactive Waihi Gold Experience awaits. This award-winning exhibit uses multimedia displays and historical artefacts to paint a vivid picture of Waihi’s gold rush era. Learn about the backbreaking work of early miners, the ingenious techniques employed to extract gold, and the social and economic impact of the gold rush on the town.

Step into a Working Mine

The Waihi Gold Experience prepares you for the highlight of the tour – a visit to the actual Waihi Gold Mine! Waihi Gold Mine Tours boasts exclusive access to this operational mine, granting visitors a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of modern gold extraction. Board a secure mini-bus and journey past towering spoil heaps, a testament to the mine’s long history. With a knowledgeable guide onboard, you’ll be equipped with safety gear and receive a comprehensive briefing on the mine’s current operations.

From Crushing Rock to Golden Bullion

The tour delves deep (figuratively speaking) into the modern mining process. Witness the impressive machinery used to crush enormous rock faces, and learn about the intricate methods of separating gold from the ore. Follow the gold’s journey through the processing plant, where it’s transformed from crushed rock into gleaming bars of bullion. Be amazed by the sheer scale of the operation and gain a newfound appreciation for the work that goes into unearthing this precious metal.

The tour doesn’t shy away from the environmental considerations of modern mining. Learn about the innovative practices Waihi Gold Mine employs to minimise its environmental impact and ensure a sustainable future.


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