The Cave NZ

The Cave NZ

The Cave is New Zealand’s premier technology entertainment centre.

Our hosted sessions are for both experienced gamers (pros) and first-timers (noobs). Whether you’re into Sport, RPG, Strategy, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Arcade or Shooters, The Cave has something for everyone.
We cater for casual Solo & Multiplayer gaming, competitive eSports, birthday parties, corporate/team-building and education.

Hosted Virtual Reality sessions at The Cave offer you an experience like no other.
Our hosts guide you through a variety of VR content, games and experiences. We have access to hundreds of new worlds to experience.

VR Escape Rooms
The Cave VR Escape Rooms are your portal to immersive virtual worlds.
You can experience amazing interactive environments in Virtual Reality.

You are transported into a virtual world where you can see, hear and touch another reality.

Unlike standard Escape Rooms, you are not restricted to physical boundaries.

Escape Reality. Escape Yourself.

Virtual Racing
The Cave custom-built racing simulators put you in the driver’s seat.
Go head to head with your friends in the best rally, track, demolition derby, formula one, and even go-karts!

Over 100 wicked vehicles and tracks to choose from.

The Cave racing simulators have optional VR, force feedback wheels & pedals, manual H-pattern shifters, tiptronic shifters and Thrustmaster/Sparco handbrakes.

Race. Drift. Smash.


7/16 Ashley Place, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa 3118, New Zealand

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