Nairn Street Cottage

Nairn Street Cottage

Beautifully presented and rich with history, Nairn Street Cottage was built in 1858 by William Wallis and is one of the oldest surviving homes in Wellington.

Step back in time to experience what life was like in colonial Wellington at Nairn Street Cottage.

As you walk through the house, you will journey through time and uncover fresh new stories as told through three generations of Wallis’ who lived there: Catherine, William, Clara and Winifred. You’ll discover the societal and technological changes they experienced as you move from room to room, starting from 1857 through to the late 1970s. An innovative timeline in the visitor centre complements this experience.

This beautiful cottage with its heritage garden is open for tours on weekends during winter and every day during summer months. Visitors can reminisce or show the next generation how life has changed – this is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon on the fringe of the city.


68 Nairn Street, Mount Cook, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

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