Marshalls Animal Park & Farm – Tauranga

Positioned close to McLaren Falls Park, this exclusive attraction is 35 acres of pleasant animals and entertainment. Clever pathways lead you to an up close and personal encounter with domestic and exotic creatures. Kids can feed and play with a host of farmyard animals and see the extraordinary character-filled emus, huge African ostriches, Texas longhorns, many breeds of sheep, deer, goats, birds, pigs and horses from Clydesdales to adorable miniatures. The park comprises lovely picnic spots set up with tables so you can take in the attractions as you sit.

A fantastic observation location at the top of the hill offers a panoramic view for miles. Elderly and those with mobility issues may drive or be driven. Why not tackle the flying foxes, the great play equipment or if you’re lucky, you can even bottle-feed lambs, kids and piglets. A well supplied shop with necessities, tea, coffee, pies, icecreams, EFTPOS and, if desired, animal feed. A perfect DAY OUT for the entire family. An informative, pleasing experience for groups, school excursions etc and at rational costs.


McLaren Falls Rd, Omanawa 3171, New Zealand

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