Leap Indoor Trampoline Park

Leap Indoor Trampoline Park

LEAP is owned and operated by passionate New Zealand folk and is proud to be providing lots of fun and exercise in the Waikato region.

The construction of all our trampolines has been 100% kept in New Zealand by using local engineers, architects and builders from around the country – so you know you’re supporting the local community by enjoying your time at LEAP.

Rebounding is an aerobic exercise that strengthens every part of the body. Brilliantly, the springs take away a lot of the impact meaning your joints don’t get so bashed around as can happen with other sports. In fact, it’s been proven that trampolining is 3 times more beneficial than running. So a 10 minute trampoline bounce is the same as a 30 minute run – awesome!

Even astronauts are getting into it! Trampolining is part of the NASA training programme.

It’s fantastic exercise, fun for all ages and just look at what it can do for your body and you….

  • Helps with weight loss
  • Low impact on joints and body
  • Improves circulation
    Reduce stress…how can you be stressed when you’re having so much fun!

Our main LEAPing area have a variety of interconnecting trampolines – this including side trampolines – for you to bounce over, across, around, along and onto. There are boxes and a wall to challenge our more experienced LEAPers. Try our slam dunk basketball areas where you can practice slam dunking ‘LEAP’ style!

Try an amazing game of Laser Tag and unleash all your infrared fury! With plenty of hiding spots in our funky Laser Tag arena – stalk your mates and other unsuspecting victims during a variety of games played in the dark with fluro artwork, mist & mirrors all designed to keep you buzzing ‘laser style’.

Highway66 is the most popular and best-selling mini bowling attraction in the world. In fact, it’s so popular that it truly defines the category. Since the introduction of mini bowling over 20 years ago, more than 3,000 Highway66 lanes have been installed worldwide and now it’s here in the Mighty Waikato!

Little Leapers is the perfect place to let your Little Ones run wild! They will learn all about gravity and spatial awareness without having big kids in their way. These sessions are for age Under 6 ONLY. If you are a Pre-school or Kindy or an In Home Care group please contact us for special group pricing.
These sessions run Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri during Term Time from 10am-12pm.

We created these sessions especially to encourage parents to have fun with their little ones on all our activities.
We do require a adult/parent/supervisor to watch their child closely during this session and please remember that this is not a general adult leaping session.

We have snacks and drinks on offer for purchase and our LEAP Team can also make that essential espresso coffee and yes we also have the ever popular shots!


42 Sunshine Ave, Te Rapa, Hamilton, New Zealand

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