Auckland Adventure Park

Auckland Adventure Park is an entertainment park that attracts all walks of life. It offers a unique experience and is the only park of its kind in New Zealand. From our adrenaline pumping adventure rides right through to our kids play area, there is absolutely something for everyone.

Get fired into the sky with Vertical bungee, max 4G or fly like a bird over through the trees and over the luge track with the Zipline. Maybe you’d like to rip down the 650m luge track with steep drops and speed bumps or float in the air with the amazing dry tube slide. Perhaps the 7D-A 6-seat cinema experience for all ages is more your style or the Kids Play zone -A full covered open sided playground along with rides is what you’re after!!!

Whatever sort of day you’re looking for, round up your team or family or mates for a fantastic day of exhilaration and fun at Auckland Adventure Park!


2104 East Coast Road, Stillwater 0993

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