Snowplanet – Rippers’n Riders Skill Challenge

Introduce young snowsport lovers to Racing & Freestyle contests

This is where all good athletes started!

Join our 365 coaches for a couple of hours for a fun filled afternoon of Racing and Freestyle. For this event we will host a stubbie gate Giant Slalom race and a mini slopestyle event.
This event is great for developing competition skills and for young riders wanting to experience other aspects of Snowsports.

Order of Events:

Sign in from 11:00am

Briefing starts at 11:45am

Competition will kick off at 12:pm

Cost (Covers event entry fee + snow pass for the length of competition only)

Non Members $40 per child

Members $20 per child

How the event will work:

Race: Athletes ride around markers in the snow know as gates weaving their way down as fast as they can.

The race will be a timed event where each child will get 2 runs with their fastest one counting.

 Slopestyle: This is the jumps and boxes they love to ride over.

Athletes will have to runs and be scored on technique and difficulty, with their best run counting.

Open to all school aged children who have either never competed in a snowsports events or have very limited experience.

Please note children need to be confident in going from the top of the slope by themselves whilst maintaining control.


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