Hamilton Pools – Hamilton council

Our focus is on ensuring our customers have a safe and enjoyable experience in clean, hygienic and well-maintained facilities. This document outlines the part our customers play in ensuring our facilities meet everybody’s needs and standards.
Appropriate swimwear is important to ensuring we can retain hygiene and water quality standards. Swimwear, rash shirts, swims shorts and full body suits.
We don’t permit:
• Gang insignia or tattoos to be displayed or showing.
• Caps, hats or beanies.
• Any form of street clothing – jeans, hoodies, sweaters,
singlets, t-shirts, trousers, tracksuit pants. You may be asked to leave the pool if you are not wearing appropriate swimwear.
Our wristband system helps us identify what customers have paid for, and which parts of our facilities they can use.
Our facilities are popular with children and we welcome them at Gallagher Aquatic Centre and Waterworld. Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult parent or caregiver – and that caregiver must be 16 or older.
Children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised. The parent or caregiver should be in the same part of the facility at all times, watching the child, and able to give immediate help. Children under 5 years old must be accompanied in the
water by a parent or caregiver. The parent/caregiver must be within arm’s reach of the child.
Personal and pool hygiene are vital to the safe operation of our facilities. Please take note of the hygiene guidance on signs around our site.
You are welcome to bring home-made food to eat in the outside areas picnics area only. Please – no commercial food in any of our facilities. Waterworld’s LK Café serves a range of food available to customers.

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