Hilton Brown Swimming – Hobsonville

Fantastic swimming lessons for all ages and levels, with locations in Albany, Hobsonville, Newmarket, One Tree Hill, Hamilton and Te Rapa.

Hilton Brown Swimming has been successfully teaching New Zealanders how to swim since 1973. Today we’re teaching the children of the children we taught back then.

Our focus is simple – to provide a fun, safe and caring environment for children to learn to swim. Our highly trained staff cater for all ages of swimmers, from babies through to training for technique and fitness.
We want your children to become safer and more confident in and around the water – giving them swimming lessons for life. Children look forward to their swimming lessons at Hilton Brown because we make sure it’s an enjoyable experience. Our teachers provide positive feedback and know how to keep their customers happy in the pool.

Our infants and baby swimming programme helps babies and small children to become confident in water. It’s also fantastic fun – games, songs and entertaining activities make every moment enjoyable. Each child has an adult partner in the water with them – a parent, family member or caregiver. This person learns how to hold, move and submerge the child safely. Water activity is proven to help with cognitive and motor skills development; it’s also a great way to build the bond between child and parent.

Initially children learn how to be happy in and under the water. As they progress they learn how to safely enter and exit the pool, kick, turn around, roll onto their backs to float and swim back to the side. The emphasis is on basic water skills that prepare the way for learning how to swim.

  • 1. Squid (Beginner)
    2. Penguin
    3. Seal
    4. Polar Bear (Competent Swimmer)
  • Our pre-school swimming programme moves children through four levels of learning, from beginner to competent swimmer.

    What’s a competent swimmer?

    We know from experience that parents can have very different ideas about what defines a competent swimmer. Some think it’s enough if their child can get from one end of the pool to the other; others expect Olympic-class style and endurance. By talking to you about your child’s current abilities, we can help you to set swimming goals that are appropriate for New Zealand’s lifestyle and your own expectations.

    Correct technique and confidence

    We focus on teaching correct swimming technique, so that children feel confident in the water, can swim at least 200 metres (in line with Water Safety NZ standards) without stopping and aren’t struggling for breath in the pool. Then if the child wants to progress from competent swimmer to competitive swimmer, we can help them get there.


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