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Faraday Centre

The Faraday center named for famous scientist Michael Faraday, is a fun and interactive museum that showcases how technology does not develop in a day but evolves with time.  It is run by volunteers who are mostly retired but share their love for all things machines.  The center is managed by the Napier City Council

The Faraday Centre is a great place to learn some history and how technology has shaped people’s lives throughout the decades.

Technology doesn’t just appear – it evolves over time. The Faraday Centre harnesses this notion and delivers it to visitors in a fun and interactive way.

At The Faraday Centre you can have a hands-on experience of the past. Join us for a fascinating journey and discover how people lived in the home, travelled, what they did for entertainment and find out more about how yesterday’s inventions have shaped the way we live today.

Play the pianola, try your hand at morse code, or grab a friend or two and watch how pedal power can become a different form of energy.

Pulling levers, pushing buttons and making machines work – its all part of the fascinating adventure you can have at The Faraday Centre.

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