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Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safaris

Spend 4.5 hours experiencing the diverse marine wildlife and stunning scenery of Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. See wild marine mammals and rare birds living in their natural habitat. Explore amongst volcanic islands with views of sandy beaches and hidden coves. Share special moments and close encounters with wildlife while capturing photos of rare birds, marine mammals and unique island views.

Be sure to get involved with one of Auckland’s best Whale and Dolphin Tours. There’s no need to travel far to see these beautiful creatures in action – we see dolphins on over 90% of trips and whales over 70% of trips, so your odds are amazing! For 16 years we’ve been sharing the unbelievable resource of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. It houses home whales, dolphins and seabirds. It is visited by an astounding 33% of all aquatic mammal species across the globe. Our safari boats depart directly from the Viaduct Harbour in downtown Auckland. Jump on board the ‘Dolphin Explorer’ for a4.5hr eco-safari of whale watching, dolphin watching and seabird spotting you will cherish forever.

You’ll also get to learn from the marine researchers on board working to protect the whales, dolphins and their fragile home. Be inspired by the research conducted alongside you on our comfortable high-tech boat and enjoy an expert education from the crew about whales, dolphins and our other marine wildlife. Join us on our family-owned mission to save Auckland’s whales and dolphins into the future!



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    New Zealand Maritime Museum, Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour Auckland City
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