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Agroventures Adventure Park

Agroventures is situated within the realm of the world-famous Agrodome, and is a business unit of its own standing, leasing the land from the Agrodome. Our Rotorua site has gone through massive renovations since we first began, including the redevelopment of our reception area in 2006, gaining direct road access from Paradise Valley in 2007, opening of the Shweeb in 2007 and strengthening of business ownership in 2010. Agroventures is the country’s leading adventure hub and supplies a most unique selection of low to high adrenaline activities.

Agroventures is proudly known for winning the best Tourism and Hospitality Business Awards in 2010. Google also voted Shweeb as one of the top innovations and giving us $US1m to help develop the urban transport version of it! Rides & Packages


Think this is a scenic jet boat ride? Wrong! Just like a Ferrari On Water, launching to 100kph (62 mph) in the seconds! See what the force of 3Gs feels like in one of the country’s quickest jet boats and the first ever jet-sprint in the world. Expert drivers fly you above a high-octane sprint course, dodging islands and completing the ride with a full revolutional spin that will leave you speechless. Perfect for kids 3yrs + (see minimum height requirements) and all adults – even Granddad will love it!


Literally jump into the experience of a lifetime with the country’s best value bungy. You’ll get to feel like God when you stand on the edge, at 43m in height looking out onto the Paradise Valley. Safety is key here at Agroventures. You’ll feel super safe strapped in tightly around your calves and ankles and attached to three safety cords, You’ll realise why we are the most popular people to jump with. Share the fun, or the fear, with a friend and go tandem. Keen to jump but don’t think you’ll make it over the edge? No problem! Let us know before you sign up and we’ll fix you to a Bungy Master who’ll do the hard work for you… It’s all part of the Agroventure service (with ahhhhhh smile)!


Daunting? You Bet! Pull the cord and off you go! Dive head first into the action on the Swoop super swing! Being strapped in only a body harness as opposed to sitting in a restricting structure significantly heightens the thrill. As you are slowly lifted to a height of 40m off the ground, you’ll feel your heart start to beat faster and faster. Swing at your leisure, as you will be in charge of releasing your own ripcord! It will send you plunging down to the ground – but never fear! The cables catch your 130kph fall safely. Many have conquered the Swoop including Sonny Bill Williams, Liam Messam (All Blacks!) and the Nitro Circus crew – including Travis Pastrana! You will gain instant respect from your friends and family!


Have you ever wondered how it feels to fly? Feel like your favourite superhero with Freefall Xtreme! Fly on a giant wind column performing twists, spins, and barrel rolls. Our trained staff will provide you with a flight suit, training and a few tips and tricks before you head out onto the flight zone. They’ll stays with you the entire time to ensure that you make the most of your free flight experience. We know you’ll be addicted, so we’ve made it easy for you to stay on for some more fun. Just double your time and climb straight back on board! There is plenty of room for friends and family to watch you fly and it will have them laughing till their sides hurt!


Our most unique experience yet! Pedal as quickly as you can to use this proficient human-powered suspended aerodynamic racing pod! Test your skills in a 600m race with time, your friends, or your enemies! Lie back on the pods and be taken on a track that is 200m long and rises 5m high, swinging around corners and dipping around bends. You can even try tandem racing or ally against single racers to win. Race and win prizes for breaking age and country records and have your name go on the Rail of Fame. Or win a thousand dollars cash for beating the world record If this kind of adrenaline isn’t your thing, enjoy a calming cruise and view the globe from a different angle on the pedal-powered system known as the most ground-breaking on earth for future eco-friendly public transportation. Perfect for kids 5yrs + (see minimum height requirements) and ALL adults. Younger children (5 years and under) can go on board with Parents.

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